What To See And Do In Lamphun

Lamphun located only 26 km from the city of Chiang Mai is a small provincial town that retains many treasures that make it a must if you are traveling in northern Thailand and want to visit the surroundings of Chiang Mai.

Located on the banks of the Kuang River still proudly maintains its historical past as it was the capital of the Mon Kingdom. It was founded between the 7th and 7th centuries. VIII, its ancient name was Haripunchai being its peak and splendor under the reign of the famous queen Chamma Thewi whose dynasty ruled the kingdom until the fall under the rule of King Meng Rai, king of the lannas.

City with an important historical past Lamphun today is a quiet city and open to visitors.


Here are the main attractions to see and do in Lamphun.


Wat Phra That Haripunchai: The most important and revered temple in the city. Although it was built around 1100 after the fall of the city and after losing historical importance with the rise of Chiang Mai, the temple remained in ruins until 1930 when it was rebuilt completely. The Wat Phra That Haripunchai is famous for the 60+ meter stupa that flanks the complex and for having one of the most comprehensive libraries on Lanna history in the region.
Wat Chamma Thewi: Built in honor of the most famous queen who ruled the city, Queen Chamma Thewi, Wat Chamma Thewi is famous for being one of the oldest buildings of Mon architecture. The temple is notable for its stepped chedi similar to the Polonnaruwa monument in Sri Lanka and for keeping the ashes of the revered Queen Chamma Thewi inside.
Wat Phra Yuen: Also known as the Temple of the Foot Buddha, it is famous for its chedi and four buddhas that point in all directions.
Haripunchai National Museum: Located near the Wat Phra That Haripunchai the museum contains an exhibition on the Lanna culture with typical objects of that period.
Tha Nang Gate: Reconstruction of the ancient wall that surrounded the city.
Ku Chang and Ku Ma: These two stupas tell the legend of the two sons of Queen Chamma Thewi who saved the city from the siege of the troops of the barbarian king Bilangka on the back of a white elephant and a horse donated by the gods. Both stupas are believed to contain the remains of both animals, hence the allusive decorations on both.
Khun Tan Natural Park: Located a few kilometers from the city is an ideal place to rest, admire the wonderful mountain scenery and relax in the small waterfall of the same name. Another visit you should not miss is the Kaeng Kor Lake and a boat ride around it.
Khun Tan Railway Tunnel: Famous all over Thailand for being the longest railway tunnel there is (1236m). Crossing the whole Khun Tan mountain its construction was finished in 1916. It is said that in the 5 years of construction work about 1000 Laotian workers lost their lives.
Visit Ban Nong Chang: The region is known throughout Thailand for the production of longan, a tropical fruit. The village is located only 16 km from Lamphun and is famous for organizing a festival in honor of this fruit every year.
As you can see there are many things to do and see in Lamphun… we hope you enjoy your visit.


Because of its proximity, Lamphun is an ideal place to make a day trip from Chiang Mai.

How to get there from Chiang Mai:

You can go by bus (every 30 min) or by collective taxi (songthaews). You can also go by train twice a day. The train leaves in the morning and returns in the afternoon.

How to get there from Bangkok:

From Bangkok you can go by train. It is the same line that connects the capital with Chiang Mai, so you can stop in Lamphun before arriving in Chiang Mai.


Lamphun, being a city where the visit usually only goes for 1 day from Chiang Mai offers very cheap accommodation near the historical area, which will allow you to stay near the main attractions of the city.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride a samior, a tricycle that works as a taxi and will allow you to get to know the city in peace and not miss out on everything there is to see and do in Lamphun.
Take advantage of your visit to the city to also visit the Kaeng Kor Lake in the Khun tan Nature Park.
The best way to go to the city from Chiang Mai is by rented motorbike, remember that it is only 26 km away.

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