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Wat Doi Sutep 

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, located in the northern part of Thailand, known by Thais as the Rose of the North.It is the hub of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. Chiang Mai, once was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom, the old city is over 700 years old. It was founded in 1296 in an area of the Lanna Empire called Noppaburisrinakornping by the three kings: King Mengrai, King Ramkhamhaeng and King Ngarm Muang. 

Three kings monument. Historyarticle

Chiang Mai Rose of the North is located in a board fertile basin of Ping river, about 700 km north of Bangkok.

Wat Lok Mo Lee , วัดโลกโมฬี Temples

There are many places of interest in and around the city of Chiang Mai from temples to markets and beyond, here are just a few.:-

The Chiang Mai City Arts and Culture Centre is located in an old building of elegant architectural design built in 1927.Standing on the location of a former royal hall, the building was used as the central administrative office of the Monthol Phayap administrative unit of Siam, and later as the Provincial Hall of Chiang Mai.


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