Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Every year during the first week of February one of the most beautiful and colorful festivals in northern Thailand takes place in Chiang Mai, we are referring to the Chiang Mai Flower Festival.

So when is the Chiang Mai Flower Festival? The Chiang Mai Flower Festival usually lasts 3 days on the first full weekend in February. In the year 2021, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival will be held on 6th, 7th and 8th February 2021.

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival

In February, when the heat and the good weather arrive, Chiang Mai and its province is decked out for the spectacle of the bloom, which colours the mountains surrounding the region. Known as the Rose of the North, Chiang Mai is a region where the cultivation and production of flowers is very important and appreciated throughout the country. This importance has made that for more than 40 years this curious festival is celebrated every first week of February and thousands of national and foreign tourists visit it.

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is held in Suan Buak Haad City Park right in the southwestern corner of Tha Pae Gate which is decorated with the hundreds of varieties produced in the region, where producers display their products and where they show incredible and beautiful tapestries of flowers.

Apart from the flower show, the festival also includes a must-see parade, beauty contests where the queen of the festival is chosen and as you can’t miss in any major festival in Thailand… music (with dance shows, regional dances and more current music) and food (where you can enjoy the rich cuisine of northern Thailand).




If your idea is to go to Chiang Mai at this time try to have your accommodation reservation already made or you could have problems as the city is visited by thousands of people.
During the month of February are usually the arrival of the different flowers, which makes the whole region is dyed in color and is an ideal time to visit the surroundings of the province.
The best moment of the festival is undoubtedly the various exhibitions of folkloric dances. You can get an idea of the rich culture of the different ethnic groups that live in Chiang Mai province.

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