Adventure Sports in Thailand

One of the activities we can do on any trip is to practice adventure sports in the countries we visit. If you are one of those who like this type of activity, in Thailand you will find plenty of options … Read more

Living in Pattaya, Thailand

The beachside resort town of Pattaya, Thailand is home to thousands of expatriates, most of them gentlemen of a certain age from Europe, Britain, and the United States, seeking the sun, cheap living, and a casual approach to romance. Many … Read more

Letter from Thailand

Dear Reader,

Sawatdee kha from Thailand.

Big news in Thailand this week is the ongoing demonstrations just over the border in Cambodia. Some Thais are angry that Cambodia says it owns the land that houses the Preah Vihear Temple, whose … Read more

Letter from Thailand

Dear Reader,

Greetings from a gloomy, grey Bangkok. A cyclone moved close to Thailand yesterday and several provinces have been put on alert. An American friend, who just arrived in Thailand yesterday, e-mailed me to say in Chiang Mai, where … Read more

Thailand Cafe in New York City

While recently down on Lower East Side of Manhattan with my sister-in-law we stopped into Thailand Café. Thailand Café is a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant which was good for my sister-in-law but they also had a lot of non-vegetarian … Read more

Koh Tao Resort Thailand

Of all the different exotic islands out there, not many can come quite as close to Koh Tao Island Resort. People that have been to Koh Tao Heights Apartment are absolutely mesmerized with the place and are very keen on … Read more

Baan Thai

Baan Thai is the picture of a local business. With its intimate dining room and warm, quiet atmosphere; it has been serving Conyers for 15 years. Its owners, Lam and Alex have been cooking and serving Thai food their whole … Read more

Beautiful Thailand

Though Dubai, in Southwest Asia on the Arabian Peninsula, is considered by some as the next “In” place to shop, it is really Thailand, a very large country equal in size to Spain in Southeast Asia, near Vietnam and … Read more

Eating in Thailand

Eating in Thailand is a different experience than eating anywhere else in the world. There are things that you will see in restaurants or in the homes of the Thai people that will leave your mind imprinted with these images. … Read more