How To Go From Sukhothai To Chiang Mai

Sukhothai is an almost obligatory visit when one travels through Thailand and its ruins attract thousands of tourists every year, who visit the architectural complex attracted by the beauty of the place and its history.

Many people visit Sukhothai after having been in Ayutthaya, with the idea of continuing the journey to Chiang Mai, to know better the north of Thailand from there.



The best way to go from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai is by direct bus. The journey takes about 6 hours so it is best to take either the first morning (8 am) to be arriving at noon or leave on the night buses to arrive early in Chiang Mai. These buses are operated by the Esan Tour Company. They leave at 6 pm and 11 pm and the journey takes 6 hours. Operated by travel agencies, you can also buy tickets for the so-called VIP Bus, 32 or 24 seat buses. These Vip Buses leave at 1:30 am in the direction of Chiang Mai. The prices of these night buses vary between 250 – 350 bth (depending on the company).

Apart from the bus line, there is also an option to go by minivan. This route is longer and the van is more uncomfortable. Both options will drop you off at Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station and depart from Sukhothai Bus Station (New Sukhothai).

If you don’t want to go directly from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai a good option is to stop at Phitsanulok, visit the city for a couple of days and continue the journey. This option also allows you to take either a bus or especially the night train, thus allowing you to travel at night and save time.

Phitsanulok – Chiang Mai Train £20.40-42.86 6h 18m – 7h 33m
→ Air-conditioned second-class seats only 13:12
→ Second class air-conditioned sleeping car 00:15, 01:47, 04:37
→ First class sleeping car 00:15, 01:47
→ Second class women only 00:15
← Air-conditioned second class seats only 08:50
← Only seats in second class with fan 06:30
← Sleeping car first class 17:00, 18:00
← Second class sleeping car with air conditioning 15:30, 17:00, 18:00
← Second class Women only 18:00
← Second class sleeper with fan 15:30


Remember that it is best to travel to Sukhothai and Chiang Mai by night transport. This will save you time to visit the places and save you a few nights’ accommodation.
To go to Sukhothai Bus Station, it is best to go by tuk tuk or collective taxi.
In high season try to have the tickets bought as soon as possible. Once you arrive at Sukhothai, buy your ticket to Chiang Mai at the same station.
Stopping first in Phitsanulok will allow you to get to know this city and arrive in Chiang Mai more relaxed.

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