It’s a Beautiful Life in Chiang Mai

The beauty of Thailand is truly renown the world over. There are so many reasons why Thailand stands out as one of the world’s most famous holiday destinations. But, the wonders of Thailand are that much more wondrous in the Thai city of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai holds the interest of all who grace her historical streets. Curiously exploring every turn and twist of Chiang Mai streets will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Best Travel Guide to Chiang Mai

Once the capital city of Thailand so long ago, Chiang Mai aka Thailand’s ‘Rose of the North’ offers something different for both visitors and locals alike. The population of this magically city is estimated to be approximately 2000. Just a 10 hour drive or overnight journey by train from Bangkok, Chiang Mai swells at any given time with hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists. The culture and lifestyle of this exciting city is that heaped in tradition while at the same time gently embracing the modern aspects that are familiar to us all.

It is for that reason that Chiang Mai has fast become more than just a fantastic holiday spot as more foreigners than ever make this their newly adopted city and home. To quote Bob Marley the “Sun is Shining and the Weather is Sweet” in Chiang Mai. Set within a tropical valley Chiang Mai, the sun shines all year round. If soaring temperature weather is what you are after than this is the perfect destination for you. Spectacular mountain views surround the city and can be seen off in the distance. They are just some of the natural beauties this city has to offer. The practice of foreigners residing in Chiang Mai commenced over one hundred years ago. Now more than ever the rise in ex-pats settlement has increased significantly. They even have their own newsletter circulation.

Essentially, Chiang Mai is ex-pats central as you will encounter ex-pats foreigners at every corner from all over the world. So, beware if you thought your escape to Thailand would that of a completely western world free experience. However, in the outer city parameters of Chiang Mai you will find entire villages where you are the only foreigner for miles. English is predominately spoken more than not throughout Chiang Mai. It always helps no matter where you travel to pick up on a few Thai phrases to assist with your integration into your Thai experience.

Voted one of Asia’s most liveable cities, Chiang Mai is very affordable and user friendly. Long term stay permission or visas could be a little tricky. Consult your local Thai Embassy for the latest immigration criteria before planning a trip or relocation.


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