Eating in Thailand

Eating in Thailand is a different experience than eating anywhere else in the world. There are things that you will see in restaurants or in the homes of the Thai people that will leave your mind imprinted with these images. For example, most Thai people would chicken at KFC with a fork and knife. This is of course very different to the barbaric style Americans use to eat chicken at KFC. Here are a few specific things about eating in Thailand that you would want to practice when traveling to Thailand.

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1) Eat slowly! Eating in Thailand is a big event, as you will see later. There is such a thing as fast food in Thailand, but even that isn’t fast food. Thai people in general are very calm and relaxed people and they take their time when they eat. Many of the Thai people when they eat lunch turn their phone off and enjoy their break along with their food. Thai food is very good and should be enjoyed at a slow pace.

2) Share! If you ever go to a Thai restaurant, you will see the food in the middle of the table and the Thai people are sharing. This isn’t true in every single occasion, but in many instances this is the case. When ordering your meal and it comes, place it in the middle of the table and motion that it can be shared. Many times in different countries, this is a cardinal sin to eat someone else’s food, but in Thailand, it is very common. Share your food with the Thai people as they share with you. For many Thai people, they are used to friends walking in the house unexpected and giving them something to eat. Sharing is very Thai when it comes to eating.

3) Mix a couple of different foods together when you eat! It is very common to see one person when eating alone, with three dishes containing different foods. They will mix them on one separate plate and then eat little at a time. It is almost like they think the number of plates they have means they have more food. For example, you will never see Thai people eating white rice by itself. They always mix something with it. When you sit down with your plate, take a little of everything and make sure and dip it in the sauce provided and enjoy!

4) Push your food onto your spoon with your fork! Most Thai restaurants don’t provide knives, so use your fork and push your food onto the spoon with it. This is the way that they eat.

Eating in Thailand is a main event in the day of a Thai person and following these steps will allow you to be like them in the way they eat and they will appreciate that very much.


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