Chiang Mai Women Correctional Institution Massage

Massages in Chiang Mai you will find everywhere, in any corner but maybe the best one is, without a doubt, the one you can receive in the city’s women’s prison (Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional). Thanks to a rehabilitation program for women with non-custodial sentences, they learn the ancient art of Thai massage during their time in prison.



Once they have only 6 months left on their sentence they start working in the prison massage parlour earning a salary that will be given to them at the end of their sentence. Thanks to the program, they get a profession and a degree with which they can earn a living and never commit another crime. Besides, the reputation of good professionals will open the doors for them, because the professional level of the prisoners is recognized throughout Chiang Mai, as they have the advantage of having learned the art of massage and its techniques during their time in prison in an intensive way and with hundreds of hours of practice.

The massage center is located right in an annexe at the entrance of the prison, with a decoration that invites relaxation and breaks with the idea of being in a prison. The professionals will attend you kindly and the facilities are very comfortable. Once prepared with your pajamas you will start the one hour session where you will enjoy the pleasure of the massage. It is important to emphasize the refined technique and style they use, working meridian by meridian all the points of your body to seek greater effectiveness. Once the massage is over they will offer you a hot tea, a sign of respect and to activate again the circulation of your body.

They are also specialists in foot massage, applying their own reflexology techniques. The centre also has a shop selling natural products such as coconut derivatives, tiger balsams and creams.

The best thing about massage, apart from the pleasure of receiving it, is that you are contributing to the reinsertion of the prisoners and the maintenance of the programme to help future inmates to find a professional outlet once their sentence is over.


The prison is located on Rajjchavithi Road, in the heart of the city, inside the old part or the wall.


The prison is open every day of the week.

Monday to Friday: 8 am – 4: 30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am – 4: 30 pm
Advance reservations for the same day only are not allowed. It is recommended to go first thing in the morning to book the appointment.

The price list for massages is as follows:

Thai massage (1 h): 200 bth
Thai massage (full body – 2h): 400 bth
Foot massage (1 h): 200 bth


Forget that you’re in a prison, the massage center is cozy.
Forget that they are prisoners, they are highly qualified professionals.
Do not eat anything in the 2 hours before the massage. This way the massage will be more pleasant for your body.
Do not drink cold drinks after the massage, wait at least 1 hour for your body to settle down.

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