What To Do In Chiang Mai In 4 Days – Discover Chiang Mai

What to do and see in Chiang Mai is perhaps one of the questions 100% of the tourists who visit Thailand ask, because it is an ideal city to know the north of Thailand if you do not have much time to get lost in the area.

Chiang Mai is also a city with a lot of history, its foundation dates from 1200 approximately, was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom and houses real architectural gems of this time. Chiang Mai is a quiet city far from the chaos and noise of Bangkok which makes thousands of tourists a year want to get lost in its streets.

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Here is our proposal to enjoy Chiang Mai during 4 days of visit to organize it your way.


After arriving in the city and having rested the ideal is to dedicate the 1 day to know the main temples of Chiang Mai. Of these you can not miss the Wat Chiang Man, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phlo, of great beauty are also the Ira Sinh and Wat U-Mong. After a morning of visits to the temples you can go to the Wiang Kum Kam Ruins and in the evening have dinner at one of the night markets so characteristic of this city, such as the famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

2. DAY

The second day can be dedicated to visiting the elephants of the Elephant Nature Park, enjoy its charm, learn about the problems that exist in Thailand around the elephants in captivity and false elephant sanctuaries. The ENP is famous for being a recovery center or sanctuary where the animals are not subjected to any kind of abuse, or harmful activities such as bathing. After a day that takes up most of the day, it is best to relax with a good massage at the Chiang Mai women’s prison and end the day with a good dinner by visiting another of the city’s night markets, such as the Kalare Night Bazaar.

Another alternative activity to enjoy the day if you like gastronomy and cooking, we recommend you to do a Thai cooking course where you will be able to learn how to cook the most exquisite dishes.

3. DAY

On this day, our advice is to take it easy and get to know the surroundings of the capital better. A very good option would be to go to San Kamphaeng Hot Spring, to relax in the waters of the Huay Tung Tao Lake, to eat some good fish and seafood, and finally to visit the Chinese neighborhood or Warorot Market on the way back to the city. Another perfect alternative is to attend a traditional dance show in the well-known Khantoke of Chiang Mai.

4. DAY

The last day can be devoted to learning more about the surroundings. A good option is to go up to visit the Don Suthep National Park and visit its famous temple or Wat Phrat Doi Suthep, the Monk Cave, visit the Royal Winter Palace or Bhubing Palace, and on the way back to Chiang Mai the Hmong village of Khun Chankian.

After the tour you can’t miss a visit to the last Night Market in Chiang Mai to enjoy at dinner, and a very good option is the Anusarn Market.

The best thing of all is that you will see that although in 4 days you can see a lot, you will still have more corners to discover, especially in the surroundings of the province… now you know what to do in Chiang Mai in 4 days.


The best way to get to know Chiang Mai and its surroundings is by motorcycle or rental car. This will allow you to go more on your own. It is also a good idea if you travel in a group to hire a taxi for the whole day. By sharing the expenses the final price per person will be very cheap.
Find out what alternative activities you can do for free in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai. Avoid hiring tours that involve animal abuse, avoid going to the Tiger Temple and tours where elephants are abused. Remember that we must practice responsible tourism and free of animal abuse.
If you coincide with the weekend you can not miss visiting the Sunday Ningth Market or the Saturday Night Market where besides buying some souvenirs you can enjoy an excellent street food.

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