Chiang Mai Festivals

Both the province of Chiang Mai and the city, is an area that everyone wants to know when traveling in northern Thailand, the history and culture of the city of Chiang Mai along with its spectacular temples are the main attraction but the natural beauty of its surroundings makes many travelers decide to extend their stay.

Chiang Mai is the ideal city to spend a few days, where it is not difficult to coincide with one of its many festivals, so you know if you fit the dates you can not miss it. Here we leave the list of the most important festivals in Chiang Mai that are held in the city.


The main festivals held in Chiang Mai are the following:


The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is held during the first weekend of February and as its name indicates it is dedicated to the cultivation of flowers, a very important economic activity in the region. During the weekend there are horse rides, flower mural exhibitions, festival queen competitions and music performances with traditional dances.

chiang mai festivals


Songkran or Thai New Year is celebrated in the city for almost a week. The official holiday is April 13 and it celebrates the beginning of the new year with a water battle where everyone goes out to enjoy music and water. It is undoubtedly the most fun party there is and it is an ideal time to enjoy the perfect atmosphere with the local people.


Although the Ye Peng is often confused with the Loy Krathong are not the same celebration, confusing them is normal considering that both are held at the same time. Ye Peng or Festival of Lights is a celebration of Lanna origin, a very important culture in the history of Chiang Mai, where the ritual is to throw thousands of Khom Loy or flying lanterns/candles into the air. The dates vary each year as they are based on the ancient Lanna lunar calendar, and are celebrated during the full moon of the second month which usually coincides with the end of October, early November. If the Ye Peng is associated with flying lanterns, the Loy Krathong is associated with floating lanterns being thrown into the river. These floating lanterns or krathong are small rafts of palm leaves with candles that are deposited in the river making that night an incredible picture. The Loy Krathong – Ye Peng is celebrated in the month of November.

Hopefully you will enjoy the main festivals in Chiang Mai on your trip.


If your visit to Chiang Mai is going to coincide with one of these festivals, try to have your accommodation booked in advance.
Of all the festivals, the most emotional and symbolic is undoubtedly the Loy Krathong.
Remember that the Loy Krathong is celebrated nationwide.
Try to have your ticket to Chiang mai booked in advance as well. On flights and trains, seats are usually filled several days in advance.

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