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Water Festival [Songkran] article

Songkran Festival: 13-15 April 2012

Songkran, a national celebration of the traditional Thai New Year, captures the imagination of travellers for both its cultural and fun attributes; the latter being enthusiastic bouts of water splashing between friends and relatives. This takes place all over Thailand in mid-April. The date used to vary but it is now fixed and takes place on 13-15 April every year. Although these are the dates for the public holiday in Thailand, Sonkgran itself will be celebrated over a wider period in different places around Thailand. If you feel up to it, you can play water fights for up to 12 days at various locations. However, in one location, water fights don’t usually go on for more than three days. But, having said that, this year the public holiday is Wednesday to Friday and it is possible some kids will want to continue the water fights over into the weekend.

New Year celebration, Rodnam Damhua, a traditional way to celebrate with olders and family. Most Thai people go back to their hometowns to meet their olders.


Water Fighting.

everyone have fun.




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